If you are visiting this website, you are likely a parent looking for answers to address your adolescent’s substance use or addiction. You may also be a legal guardian, a grandparent, an aunt or uncle, a sibling, a concerned teacher, school counselor or family friend. No matter what type of caring adult you are, we commend you in your efforts to help ensure the health and well-being of your adolescent or young adult.

Sorting Through Addiction Resources Can Be Overwhelming

There is a lot of good information out there about adolescent substance use, but there is a lot of bad – and even dangerous – information out there too. We understand that the dearth of trustworthy resources about preventing, intervening upon and treating adolescent substance use and addiction problems can be a deterrent to parents to learn and take action. The overwhelming results many parents and caring loved ones discover when conducting a simple internet search can be exhausting and sometimes discouraging. We want to alleviate that stress for you. We organized and vetted the quality resources so you don’t have to – with the intent of bringing your family the most consistent, accurate and scientifically-informed information to help you help your child.

Evidence-Based And Nationally Recognized Information

The Family Resource Center is a directory of resources that are backed by various degrees of scientific support to those that come from the most notable, national sources. This is a place to start getting informed about things like: signs of addiction; how to prevent drug or alcohol use; drug intervention resources, finding addiction treatment or addiction recovery and support. It also provides insight on how you can help YOURSELF during this time through parent and family focused resources and information.

Change the Way Addiction is Perceived and Managed

This site is made available from the Treatment Research Institute (TRI), a nonprofit translational research and policy organization located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that has been a leader in the substance use research field since its establishment in 1992. TRI is committed to discovering and disseminating solutions to substance-use problems to change the way in which addiction is perceived and managed in our society.